‘Perfect compatibility’ from the first operation… Jeju, the duo of Yuri and Hayes started running

The first actual breathing also received a passing grade. This is the story of Hayes and Yuri Jonatan, the foreign attacking duo of Jeju United.

Jeju has a new attack formation this season. Yuri, the forward striker, and Hayes, the second-line resource, are the main characters. He also took on the responsibility of filling the void left by Ju Min-gyu (Ulsan Hyundai) and Jerso (Incheon United), who were responsible for attacking Jeju until last season.

The two quickly became friends, building friendships from winter training. In particular, Yuri quickly mastered the Korean language and melted into her team, revealing her will to learn. Hayes, who experienced both K-League 1 and 2, helped Yuri adapt physically and mentally. Even on the ground, breathing gradually improved. Hayes and Yuri played a big role in the evaluation match held in winter training. As another foreign player, Jonathan Ling, left due to injury, the two’s responsibility increased.

However, Hayes did not play in the opening game. Hayes was not used as a replacement card due to unexpected injuries. After the game, coach Nam Ki-il expressed his apologies to Hayes. That’s how Hayes and Yuri met for the first time in the match against Daegu FC in the second round. The two jointly scored Jeju’s first goal of the season in the 32nd minute of the first half. Yuri, who intercepted Daegu defender Cho Jin-woo’s pass miss, entered the penalty box. Yuri passed without being greedy, and Hayes, who was running into it, pushed it in and succeeded in scoring. It is the joint goal of the first attack point of the two, which was posted after wearing the Jeju uniform. After scoring, Hayes and Yuri hugged and shared joy. 스포츠토토

Although Yuri has not yet been able to operate the horseman’s cannon, he showed aggressiveness by attempting 7 shots in 2 games. In the opening game, he missed a penalty kick, but coach Nam and all the players comforted Yuri. As if to repay this, Yuri added strength by actively moving and actively fighting with the opposing defenders.

Jeju recorded a draw in both matches. Looking at the results, it would be disappointing, but the performance was not bad. Above all, it is a positive factor that Hayes and Yuri overcame the pressure and accumulated offensive points in two games.

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