Petco Park cheered at the announcement of the opponent lineup, why?

On the 2nd (Korean time) ahead of the third game of the series against the Colorado Rockies, Petco Park, the home stadium of the San Diego Padres, the spectators were excited before the game even started. What happened?

It was thanks to the semifinals of the NCAA College Basketball Championship held on the same day. Because San Diego State University, a university affiliated with the San Diego area, was playing the game.

As difficult as it is to climb, the entire San Diego area was interested in this game. The Padres team also opened the stadium earlier than usual and relayed the game through the Petco Park electronic board.

The game, held in Houston, Texas, ended with a dramatic come-from-behind victory by San Diego State University. 카지노사이트

San Diego State, who had been drawn to Florida Atlantic University throughout the game, won a dramatic come-from-behind victory, 72-71, as Ramon Butler’s shot was sucked into the rim with the closing buzzer. It was the first time ever to advance to the ‘Final Four’ and rise to the finals.

The Padres team, which showed the game on the electronic display board, held a pre-ceremony event as the start time of the game approached. Because the game itself could not be postponed.

And the moment Butler’s buzzer beater went in, the starting lineup of the opposing team, Colorado, was being announced.

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