Racism towards Son Heung-min, ‘the fourth known only’, continues, ‘Is this a gentleman’s country?’

This season is already the fourth. I wonder if ‘Gentlemen’s Country’ is right.

Tottenham said on the club website on the 7th (hereinafter Korean time), “The club is aware that Son Heung-min suffered racial discrimination in the game against Crystal Palace. Discrimination of any kind is abhorrent. It is unacceptable to the club,” he issued a statement.

“The club is conducting an investigation in cooperation with the police and the Palace club and is verifying personal identity. If convicted, we will do our best to take the strongest measures, as in the case of Son Heung-min’s racial discrimination against Chelsea earlier this season.” added.

The day before, Son Heung-min played in the home game against Palace. After he played 89 minutes, he was substituted for Arnaud Danjuma. Initially, Son Heung-min wanted to go to Danjuma’s side and replace it, but according to the referee’s instructions, he went to the nearby touchline. And in the process of moving, the Palace away table was also passed. At this time, an away fan of Palace was racially discriminatory by tearing out his eyes. In addition, the gesture of raising the middle finger was also confirmed.

Only the racism towards Son Heung-min, including the Palace game, is the ‘fourth’ this season. That, too, counts only what has been publicized. First, it happened in the second round against Chelsea. When Son Heung-min went to take a corner kick, a fan teared out his eyes in a racist gesture. Chelsea issued a heavy punishment of ‘permanent ban’, and a British court sentenced him to a fine of 726 pounds (about 1.2 million won) and a football ban for three years. 메이저놀이터

Then, in the 24th round against West Ham United, he suffered online racism. It is known that some West Ham fans slandered the contents of “XX playing in a country that eats dog meat”. The commentator was also racist. When Son Heung-min competed with Cody Gakpo in the 34th round against Liverpool, Martin Tyler, a 77-year-old commentator for Sky Sports in the UK, said, “I do martial arts.”

The EPL is campaigning against racism through the ‘No room for racism’ campaign. Even through the official homepage, “We want to solve the problem of racism inside and outside the stadium through No room for racism.” However, it seems that there is a need to ask yourself whether the campaign is being followed properly and whether it is a show campaign.

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