“Re-sign me for 500 million a week” plea → Man U ace falls silent for six months

Manchester United have been trying to keep hold of Marcus Rashford, who has been their ace in the hole this season, since last year. They’ve offered him a massive pay rise to £300,000 a week, but he hasn’t budged. United are getting frustrated.

Against this backdrop, manager Eric ten Hagg knows why Rashford hasn’t re-signed and is pleading with fans to “trust the process,” The Sun recently reported.

Rashford’s contract runs until the end of next season. So, in order to extend his contract in advance, the Red Devils had to move quickly. Time is actually on Rashford”s side, not United”s. Rashford has been playing so well this season that many teams have expressed interest in him.

United have been trying to get Rashford to sign a new five-year contract worth £300,000 a week for the past six months, but have been unsuccessful. The exact reason for this is unknown, but it is known that Rashford wants much more than that. He wants the best in the team.

In particular, Rashford is currently keeping a close eye on the sale of the team. If a Qatari banker or one of Britain’s richest men were to buy the club, rather than Mr. Glazer, the plan would be to negotiate in earnest.

Rashford’s strategy is that the new owners will demand a lot more money than the £300,000 that United are currently offering, and the new owners will likely sign Rashford.

When asked why Rashford’s contract was repeatedly delayed, Van Gaal said: “I know the negotiations. But I’m not going to talk about the process,” he said, emphasizing that “again, it’s not important to me or Rashford at this point.” 메이저놀이터

“Rashford has scored more goals this season, he’s having a great season and the team is having a great season,” Ten Hagh insisted.

“We have to qualify for the Champions League and we have to focus on that,” he continued, adding, “Rashford wants to stay at United and we want him to stay, so I think we will find a solution to his contract.” Ten Haag seemed confident that Rashford would stay.

Rashford became United’s top scorer this season with a career-high 29 goals across the Premier League, cup competitions, and Europa League. He has been the perfect fit for the position left vacant by Cristiano Ronaldo in November of last year.

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