‘Return goal after 1,240 days of Joo Min-gyu’ Ulsan Hyundai runs for 4 consecutive wins!

Ulsan Hyundai invites Suwon FC to the tiger’s den to challenge for a winning streak.

Ulsan will play Suwon FC and Hana One Q K League 1 2023 Round 4 home game at Munsu Soccer Stadium on the 19th at 4:30 pm.

After the opening of this season, Ulsan started with a 2-1 victory over rival Jeonbuk Hyundai, followed by defeating Gangwon FC (1-0) and FC Seoul (2-1), leading with 9 points from 3 consecutive wins. Ulsan’s goal is to widen the gap with the 2nd place with 4 consecutive wins by beating Suwon FC (4 points, 7th place) this time.

Ulsan allowed the opening goal in the 7th minute of the second half in the Seoul expedition on the 12th, but Joo Min-gyu equalized two minutes later. When Bako’s pass was deflected in front of the opponent’s goal, he immediately caught it and scored with a left-footed shot. In the 42nd minute of the second half, Lee Cheong-yong, who appeared for the first time this season, scored a mistake by the opposing goalkeeper and defense team, giving the team three valuable points.

Ulsan, who is in a good mood, returns to the home in 23 days after the Jeonbuk match on February 25th. Even in a situation where the combination of the first and second lines at the beginning of the season is not perfect, Ulsan is showing the potential of a winning team. Two of the three games (Jeonbuk, Seoul) were decorated with come-from-behind wins. The offense, which scored a total of five goals, is slowly warming up, and the defense, which has conceded two goals, still boasts the best shield.

Joo Min-kyu is on the hunt for consecutive goals against Suwon FC. Joo Min-gyu, who made a comeback to Ulsan after 4 years, reported his return goal against Seoul. As a former K-League 1 scorer, he showed excellent positioning and decisiveness. On October 20, 2019, after the Daegu FC (2-1 win) expedition, he tasted the goal wearing the Ulsan uniform after 3 years, 4 months and 20 days, ‘1,240 days’.

The new head coach of the Korean national soccer team, coach Jurgen Klinsmann, who watched Joo Min-gyu’s goal on the field, was so impressed that he raised his thumb. Members of the round of 16 of the 2022 FIFA World Cup in Qatar boarded the list announced ahead of the national team’s evaluation match between Colombia (8:00 pm on the 24th, Munsu Soccer Stadium) and Uruguay (8:00 pm on the 28th, Seoul World Cup Stadium). . Because of this, Joo Min-gyu was not called, but it was a scorer that continued the Taegeuk mark dream in the future. 토토사이트

When it comes to Suwon FC, Bako cannot be left out. After moving to Ulsan in 2021, he shook the net of Suwon FC several times. Bako scored 3 goals in 4 matches in his first season against Suwon FC, and 2 goals in 3 matches last season. His highlights include his first goal at home on 25 July 2021, followed by 2 October (away), 31 October (home), 1 March last year (home) and 28 May (away). He has a record of goals in 5 consecutive matches. On September 18, 2022, his streak of goals stopped, but he started as a starter and played until the 38th minute of the second half, attempting a total of 4 shots, 3 of which headed for the goal. With 5 goals in 7 matches, they are flying when they meet only Suwon FC. Although they are still scoreless this season, they are expected to demonstrate their reputation as the ‘Suwon FC killer’ as they showed good condition in the match against Seoul.

Statistics also give strength to Ulsan’s victory. Suwon FC has an overwhelming advantage with 8 wins, 1 draw and 1 loss in the past. Starting with a 3-0 away win on October 2, 2021, they are on a 5-game winning streak. He boasted a tremendous firepower with a whopping 12 goals in 5 games. Ulsan is determined to further solidify its lead with 6 consecutive wins against Suwon FC and 4 consecutive wins in the league this season.

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