Rookie Shin Young-woo between the 1st team camp, NC expects immediate power

There are two new players participating in the NC Dinos first team spring camp (Tucson, Arizona, USA) this season: Shin Young-woo (19) and Lee Jun-ho (23). Joining the first-team camp of a new player who has just joined is a great motivation for the player because it shows the expectations of the club. Among them, Shin Young-woo, who was nominated in the first round of the KBO rookie draft (4th overall), is attracting attention for his immediate sense of power.
Since his days at Gyeongnam High School, Shin Young-woo has been attracting attention as a right-handed pitcher who throws a fastball with a speed of 150 km/h and a knuckle curve with a large drop. He pitched in 11 games throughout the weekend league and national championships last year, recording 3 wins and 1 loss with an earned run average (ERA) of 2.47, and also showed off his strength by striking out 85 in 50.2 innings.

NC coach Kang In-kwon also paid attention to Shin Young-woo early on. 안전놀이터 After watching Shin Young-woo’s pitching at his own Cheongbaekjeon at the finish camp in November of last year, he said, “There are ups and downs in a fastball,” but “There is a great advantage in the ability to use a breaking ball. He will become a better player.” In addition, he mentioned the name of Shin Young-woo along with the existing starting pitchers Song Myung-ki and Shin Min-hyuk, leaving the possibility of his starting appointment open. He added that “the team becomes stronger only when the domestic selection team is solid.”

Expectations are high that he can become a complete pitcher through systematic training on the professional stage as he has great potential. If it is Shin Young-woo, who has excellent skills and sincerity, it is possible. The NC scouting team also praised him as “a player with a very good work ethic” when he was nominated. It will be quite interesting to see if Shin Young-woo, who left a strong impression upon joining, will grow as expected by NC.

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