Seongnam FC’s last home game in July with the Tancheon Beer Festival and the Wheat Grain Welfare Foundation!

Seongnam FC will decorate its home game against Jeonnam Dragons at Tancheon Stadium on July 29 at 19:30 with the Wheat Egg Welfare Foundation.

On this day, fans and citizens of Seongnam will be treated to a fun match viewing experience with cold beer, concluding the ‘Tancheon Beer Festival’ that was held throughout the month of July.

On the day, the club will distribute wristbands to adults with match-day memberships or day tickets to participate in the beer festival, and alcoholic beverages will be provided to wristband holders. The beer festival will be held at Seomun Square from two hours before kickoff until kickoff, and in addition to the various food trucks already in operation, Taco Stand, a local favorite, will be visiting Tancheon Sports Complex.

In addition, a promotional booth will be set up with the Wheat Egg Welfare Foundation to improve understanding and awareness of disabilities.

At the Seomun Magpie Lounge, a ‘Sharing Bazaar’ will be held to sell new products supported by companies. All proceeds will go to children with disabilities from low-income families and the marginalized in Gyeonggi Province. Following this, the ‘Disability Awareness Experience Booth’ will host a Braille name sticker making program.

In addition, the ‘Bridges on Art’ exhibition by artists with developmental disabilities will be held at the entrance and corridor of Area W in the stadium. The exhibition will showcase the artistic capabilities and works of artists with developmental disabilities to Seongnam fans. 꽁머니사이트

Kim Young-ha, CEO of Seongnam FC, said, “We hope that many Seongnam citizens will enjoy the last home game in July and beat the heat with a beer. We are especially pleased to be able to fulfill our role as a civic club by working for the community with the Wheat Egg Welfare Foundation. We will do our best to help Seongnam FC and the local community through soccer.”

Mr. Park Heung-jae, Head of the Gyeonggi Branch of the Wheat R Welfare Foundation, said, “It is meaningful that we have been working to improve disability awareness among soccer fans through our relationship with Seongnam FC, which began last June. We will contribute to the local community through various programs, starting with the national anthem at the June home game, which was sung by the foundation’s ambassador, Park Mo-se.”

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