Serie A star, collision with a tram ‘failure to die’ → half-SUV, hospital transfer → two daughters also boarded ‘shock’

Immobile, an Italian star, suffered a serious car accident. An SUV that was riding on a tram in Rome, Italy, was nearly damaged. The shocking thing is that children were riding together in the car.

According to a report by The Sun on the 16th, Lazio captain Immobile was taken to the hospital after colliding with a tank.

The accident occurred on the morning of the 16th, local time, Sunday. It was near the Stadio Olimpico, home of Roma’s Lazio. As the Immobile passed over the tramway, the tram crashed into his car.

Looking at the picture, it seems that the front wheel fender on the left driver’s side has been hit hard enough to be completely damaged. Fortunately, it was a Land Rover known for being very strong, so only the front was completely broken, but the other parts seem to be fine.

Immobile and the children were immediately taken to the hospital, where they are said to be unharmed. According to local media, Immo Bile was on the move with her two daughters. She has two daughters and one son with her wife Immo Bile. 메이저놀이터

It is known that Immobile told the police who were dispatched to the scene that “the tram turned on a red light” and conveyed that he was not at fault.

Ilmobile is the top scorer in Lazio club history. He scored a goal against Spezia on the 14th and led the team to a 3-1 victory.

Immobile was part of the Italian national team that won the 2020 UEFA European Championship. He made his adult stage debut at Juventus in 2009 and played mainly in Italy, such as Seville and Turin. He also played one season in Dortmund, Germany, and has been leading the team’s attack in Lazio since 2016.

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