Shin Jin-ho visiting the first ‘Steel Yard’ after transfer… Pohang-do promises to win without concessions

Shin Jin-ho (Incheon United) is looking for a ‘Steel Yard’ for the first time after transferring.

Pohang Steelers and Incheon will face off in the 10th round of ‘Hanawon Q K League 1 2023’ at Pohang Steel Yard on the 30th. Pohang (18 points) is in 2nd place, continuing its undefeated march with 5 wins and 4 draws in 9 matches. Incheon (9 points, 2 wins, 3 draws, 4 losses) fell short of expectations and remained in 8th place.

Shin Jin-ho, who was in charge of Pohang’s ‘captain’ last season, visits Pohang as part of an away team for the first time after transferring. He wore the Pohang uniform again for the 2020-2021 season and scored 6 goals and 17 assists in 68 games. In particular, he was nominated for MVP last season. However, he transferred to Incheon ahead of this season.

Shin Jin-ho is the core of the midfield. Lee Myung-joo, who left due to an injury, can only play in the 11th round against Suwon Samsung, so his performance is important. Shin Jin-ho, who played full-time in all 8 games since the opening, took a break in the 9th round against Ulsan Hyundai. There is no injury, and it is a rotational dimension for stamina arrangement. In the game against Pohang, it seems that he will start a sortie and meet his teammates as enemies.

Pohang, which is trying to go undefeated in the first round, has a different mindset. Coach Kim Ki-dong, who had difficulties forming the midfield after Shin Jin-ho’s sudden transfer, said right after the last match against Suwon, “He is no longer a player on our team. Incheon is doing well as the main axis. He said, “I will greet you when I see you at the stadium,” but “I hope we win by playing a good game without conceding at the steel yard.” 온라인카지노

The same goes for Kim Seung-dae, who took over Shin Jin-ho’s baton and became ‘captain’. He said, “I have good memories with Lee Myung-joo and Shin Jin-ho, but we are not in a relationship to share those parts now.” “We have to show who made the right choice. I have respect and respect, but I wonder if other players will also decide to live or die. (Players) I will tell them to run until they get to the ambulance.”

The confrontation between Kim Jong-woo, who received Shin Jin-ho’s number 6 uniform, and Oberdan, who became the new conductor of Pohang’s midfield, is also of interest. Oberdan was originally recruited as Shin Jin-ho’s partner, but he is well-received for his vigorous activity and defensive power in 9 games. Kim Jong-woo, who was absent against Suwon in the ninth round, is also expected to appear against Incheon.

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