‘Storm after pardon for match fixing’ KFA, ‘young executives’ followed by total resignation of board members… I missed the timing anyway

“Why do face madams resign? The people who really should be responsible held their breath… .”

Many footballers expressed strong dissatisfaction after hearing the news that Korea Football Association (KFA) vice presidents Lee Young-pyo and Lee Dong-guk and social contribution chairman Cho Won-hee resigned together after taking responsibility for a series of incidents triggered by the recent pardon for match-fixing participants.

KFA held a board meeting on the 28th of last month and staged a rare comedy show. 100 soccer players who were disciplined for various misconduct in the past were pardoned. In particular, this included 48 participants in match-fixing in the past, causing great controversy.

Despite the mobilization of a ‘trick’ to announce an hour before the kick-off of the Korea-Uruguay A match, which attracted fans’ attention, public opinion deteriorated significantly, and when even the political circle opposed, KFA held a temporary board meeting three days later and declared it ‘nothing happened’. did. Without any communication, I hoped for the calm of the situation only by reading Chairman Chung Mong-gyu’s statement, but the aftershocks due to nonsensical behavior continued.

Vice Chairman Lee Young-pyo, Lee Dong-guk, and Chairman Cho Won-hee, who dominated an era of Korean football, said on their social media (SNS) late on the night of the 3rd, “I will take responsibility for not preventing the passage of the board of directors related to the KFA disciplinary pardon.”

The public opinion of these three people who announced their resignation at about the same time is also not good. In addition to negative stories such as “squeeze and hit and stop”, criticism such as “If you really had a sense of responsibility, why couldn’t you leave your seat (board)” and “Why didn’t you oppose it at the time” lined up on various soccer bulletin boards. was

That’s all right. However, one clear fact is that these three people did not have any authority. A former star player, ‘by chance’ he became an executive, which is no different from an honorary position. They were not the ones who mentioned or pushed for the amnesty of the match-fixing participants.

Vice Chairman Lee Young-pyo, who has been active since early 2021, and the other two who assumed the title in January this year, were more embarrassed when they heard that match-fixing participants were included in the pardon target at the board of directors at the time. In the first place, he did not have the ability to overturn the pardon just because he came out of his seat, or because he voiced opposition. The format and timing of the resignation announcement are regrettable, but these three made the best decision for their honor. 스포츠토토

Of course, there were other people who were really responsible. It is a part of the situation that was carefully observed by hiding behind Chairman Chung. First of all, KFA announced on the 4th that “the vice-chairman and all board members expressed their collective resignation after the executive meeting on the 4th.” He added, “There were many people who expressed their intention to resign from the temporary board meeting,” but as a result, the timing was later than that of the “young executives.”

Influential figures in the football world said, “Due to the current structure of KFA, the vice presidents have no power at all. It made this situation that people who should have directly stated that ‘pardon is not allowed’ and did not play their role cowardly. I wasted a lot of time on things that didn’t have to be tough.”

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