The command tower was possessed in 6G… Expected year 2023 for the first year of the kt reserve army

It took only 6 games to possess the command tower.

Right-handed pitcher Min Kim (24) of the kt Wiz was discharged from the Sangmu baseball team last year. He joined the team mid-to-late season and appeared in six games, displaying impressive pitching. He contributed to the bullpen with a 2.35 ERA on 2 holds and 7⅔ innings.

KT coach Lee Kang-chul praised Min Kim for his growth. As the good pitching continued, coach Lee said, “He is a savior.” 온라인카지노.This is an outstanding style,” he said, raising his thumb.

There is a scene where you can feel director Lee’s trust in Kim Min. It was a match between kt and the LG Twins held at Jamsil Stadium on September 29 last year. At that time, kt was leading 5-3 until the beginning of the 5th inning. From the end of the 5th inning, the air flow became strange. The changed pitcher Park Young-hyun gave up a double to the left side of the left fielder to lead batter Kim Hyun-soo.

The hitter who greeted the second base safely was Chae Eun-seong, the opponent’s fourth hitter. Park Young-hyun had a good 2 strike and had trouble with Chae Eun-sung’s persistent cut. In the end, coach Lee put Kim Min on the mound in place of Park Young-hyun in the ball count 1 ball 2 strike. It was rare to change a pitcher during a match against a hitter unless there was a special reason such as an injury, so much attention was focused on Lee’s choice and Kim Min’s pitching.

Despite the pressure, Kim Min led Chae Eun-sung’s swing with one ball and raised an outcount. Afterwards, Oh Ji-hwan’s straight hit completed the double play, ending the inning without conceding a run. I felt the trust in Kim Min because he was a pitcher that he could not have done if he was not sure that Min Kim would prevent the crisis.

After finishing the regular season in 4th place, kt entered the postseason. Kim Min, who captivated the head coach in just six games in the regular season, also joined the postseason entry. He did not pitch before the KIA Tigers and the Wild Card, but caught the eye again by shutting off two innings neatly in a semi-playoff against the Kiwoom Heroes.

Kim Min is expected to take over the team’s Pilseungjo next season. Kim Min’s 2023 season is expected more as he showed explosive impact in 6 games last year.

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