The KBO League, which has just been uploaded amidst ugliness, is not an excuse for a full crowd before the opening game

There was no cold wind that I was concerned about. Rather, it sparked excitement.

The 2023 KBO League, which opened on the 1st. A total of 105,450 spectators entered five stadiums across the country and achieved full capacity. As the two games were decided to end overtime, thrilling matches unfolded, delighting the spectators who had been waiting for professional baseball to wake up from hibernation in the spring sunlight.

It is a KBO league that was overcast until the day before. The Dogok-dong baseball hall where the KBO is staying was seized and searched by the prosecution for 8 hours. The target was Mr. A, an executive at KBOP, a subsidiary company in charge of managing league sponsorship, attracting official sponsors, merchandising the integrated brand of 10 clubs, and managing broadcasting rights. Last year, as a result of an investigation on suspicion of breach of trust in the process of negotiating broadcasting rights, the charges were cleared, but as the prosecution identified the suspect again through additional investigations, a search and seizure was conducted.

It is Korean baseball with deep worries. After a crushing defeat at the 2023 WBC (World Baseball Classic), which sang the semifinals, he accepted the shocking result of being eliminated in the first round. Even before the wounds healed, the shocking fact was reported that Seo Jun-won, who played for the Lotte Giants, is being investigated for violating the Child and Youth Protection Act for producing and distributing sexually exploitative material targeting minors. Fans couldn’t help but be astonished at the fact that he committed an unimaginable crime as an active player. Lotte, who was completely unaware of the fact, was also shocked. Evacuation was the natural course of action.

It wasn’t just the players. Former KIA Tigers general manager Jang Jeong-seok was dismissed after it was revealed that he demanded back money in the process of discussing an FA contract with Park Dong-won. It was unbelievable that he called the player to the away accommodation and offered a specific amount on two occasions. It is known that former general manager Jang explained that it was ‘a joke’ in the process of identifying the circumstances of the club, but it was an inappropriate act that did not fit the position and situation at all. KIA lowered its head when announcing the dismissal of former general manager Jang, saying, “We apologize to all members for causing trouble to the league ahead of the opening.”

Even so, fans filled the stands for the opening game. Idleness and ugliness caused disappointment and anger, but the belief that ‘our team and players will still do their best’ is in place. The efforts of the players who sweated throughout the winter and the trust in the success they pledged ahead of this season once again drew fan hearts to the baseball field. 메이저놀이터

If so, did the fans forget all the pain of the past?

Everyone’s heart is full of scars. Convincing explanations and reflections await. At times like this, all members of the KBO League must make efforts to deeply reflect, prevent the recurrence of cutting bones, and establish a sense of ethics. If you cover up the facts and wait for time to pass as if you were drunk on the achievements in the opening game, even the trust that remained can disappear without rumor.

If you think that the ‘full crowd before the opening’ is an indulgence that erases the reality of the KBO League, you are very mistaken.

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