There are also two An Woo-jins… Who is the ‘zero blood home run’ progression type?

The KBO League is already in its second month of opening. It is natural that the number of players who have continued to ‘zero march’ in each record is decreasing. It is only natural that the eyes go to those who are still ‘water-based’. 

The most notable player is SSG Landers closer Seo Jin-yong. He recorded 1 win and 13 saves in 15 games he started, and as of the 8th, he is firmly guarding the back door of SSG, which is in first place in the league (20 wins and 10 losses). 

Above all, he pitched 15 1/2 innings and did not give up an earned run. Considering that it is a position with a lot of pressure and a lot of appearances in tight situations, it is possible to gauge how outstanding Seo Jin-yong is currently showing. He is the only reliever in the league who has pitched in more than 10 games to continue the streak of “zero earned runs.” There are other pitchers such as Kim Sang-soo (Lotte Giants) Kim Ki-joong and Yoon Dae-gyeong (Hanwha Eagles) who are recording 0-to-zero ERA, but Seo Jin-yong is in a different position. 

Kiwoom Heroes Kim Hye-seong has never failed to steal a base. 11 consecutive successes. Overall this season, public opinion among baseball fans is divided over ‘effectiveness’ in a league situation where the trend of ‘running baseball’ is strong. This is because not all runners are like Kim Hye-sung. Kim Hye-seong recorded 46 stolen bases in the 2021 season and ranked first in this category. Last season (2022) was given to Park Chan-ho (KIA Tigers). Kim Hye-seong has a strong momentum in the beginning. 

Among the starting pitchers who filled the required innings, there are three of them who are continuing their streak of no home runs. NC Dinos new ace Eric Peddy, KIA Tigers left-hander Lee Eui-ri, and Samsung David Buchanan are the protagonists.

Peddy is a player who entered the KBO League this season. He is currently evaluated as the pitcher who best uses the sweeper, which became famous as the decision pitch of Major League representative Shohei Otani. Since both pitch and breaking ball velocity are good, it is difficult for him to take away a home run from a hitter’s point of view. He has no home runs in 38 consecutive innings, and his earned run average is the highest in the league (0.44) as a pitcher. 

Samsung ace Buchanan had ups and downs in the six games he started this season. He gave up more than four runs three times. His batting average (0.240) isn’t bad, but his ability to manage crises has dulled a bit. However, he is still a pitcher with excellent pitch control and rapid pace control. 

Eui-ri Lee is an outstanding player with the power of the ball. However, he has a low batting average and is indispensable for hunting for pitches because he has no home runs. He gave up 26 walks in the six games he appeared on. This is the highest record for a pitcher in the league.  토토사이트

Eui-ri Lee ranked second in strikeouts (161) by a domestic pitcher after Woo-jin An (Kiwoom Heroes) last season. He is a pitcher with excellent pitching and strikeout production ability. He has zero home runs for a reason. He catches his pitches, and as he gains more experience, he can display more mature pitches. First of all, it is an encouraging result that the number of home runs decreased compared to last season (2022), which allowed 7 only in April and May.

An Woo-jin, who has the best pitch and form in the current league, also allowed home runs to Park Se-hyeok against NC on the 7th of last month and Choi Joo-hwan against SSG on the 6th. Song Myeong-gi (NC) and Gwak-bin (Doosan Bears), who had no home runs until the 4th and 5th games, also recently recorded one each. Attention is focusing on whether Peddy, Lee Eui-ri, and Buchanan will continue their ‘zero blood home run’ march in the second week of May. 

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