‘Tomorrow Sangmu Enlistment’ Lotte Jo Se-jin and Han Tae-yang’s farewell message, “I will come back with a more mature look”

Lotte Giants’ Jo Se-jin (outfielder) and Han Tae-yang (infielder), born in 2003, will enter the Nonsan Army Training Center on the 8th. After receiving basic military training, they plan to perform military service in the Sangmu baseball team. 

Jo Se-jin (Jangan Elementary School – Seonrin Middle School – Seoul High School) and Han Taeyang (Yeoksam Elementary School – Eonbuk Middle School – Deoksu High School) came from different schools, but they first met in the middle school team and formed a friendship. Those who wore Lotte uniforms last year played together in the under-23 national team and enlisted in Sangmu together, proving that they are ‘inseparable ties’. 

Jo Se-jin and Han Tae-yang shared their feelings about enlisting through the club’s YouTube channel ‘Giants TV’. Jo Se-jin said, “It’s better to enlist together than to go alone. (Han) I seem to have a relationship with Taeyang,” he smiled. Han Taeyang smiled and said, “Since I’m going with a friend, I think we can rely on each other and become a source of strength.”  먹튀검증

They often communicate with team seniors who are serving in the military at Sangmu. Jo Se-jin said, “(Son) Seong-bin hyung told us to ‘take care of it’ because he was discharged when we entered, and (Na) Seung-yeop hyung told us to come quickly.” Han Tae-yang said, “I heard a lot from Seung-yeop hyung that ‘Sangmu is really good. When I go in, Seung-yeop hyung will be the best,” he expressed his anticipation. 

Both Jo Se-jin and Han Tae-yang said in unison that they would return with a more developed image. Jo Se-jin said, “I gained weight, but I think it will take a while to get used to it. You shouldn’t slow down just because you’ve gained weight.”

He added, “For a year and a half, you can play baseball at a time when others can’t play baseball, so you have to improve your understanding of baseball and come back with a technologically advanced appearance.” Jo Se-jin expressed her desire to learn about weight training from the weightlifters. 

Han Tae-yang said, “I think the most important thing is to strengthen my strength. I promise to return with a more technologically advanced image.”

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