‘Tottenham 273 goals, hope there is a statue… ‘Man Utd’s plan to deny all access to President Levy

Tottenham chairman Daniel Levy has blocked the transfer of Harry Kane.

The British media Metro reported on the 20th (hereinafter Korean time) that ‘Chairman Levy firmly insisted that Kane did not need to leave Tottenham and join Manchester United for the championship cup.’

Kane is an iconic figure for Tottenham. He made his presence known at Tottenham from the 2013-2014 season. Kane wore a Tottenham uniform and scored 206 goals in 310 English Premier League (EPL) matches. He has scored 273 goals for Tottenham across all competitions. He is the club’s top scorer. However, Kane has never recorded a win at Tottenham. Ahead of the 2021-2022 season, Man City transfer rumors blew fiercely. He has recently attracted interest from Manchester United.

Metro said: ‘Levy has indicated that he intends to reject any approach from Manchester United’. “He can win trophies at Tottenham. Being a legend is also important. He writes history as Tottenham’s top scorer. I hope one day there will be a statue of Kane outside our stadium,” said Levy. 스포츠토토

“I don’t consider myself a special negotiator. I’m just acting in the team’s best interest. When it comes to transfers, I think it’s in the balance of power. If there’s a player you really don’t want to sell, I have the right to say no. All The situation is different,” he said.

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