Tottenham, unconditionally re-contract all-in with Kane! Consider selling X

Tottenham Hotspur are known to have made plans to renew the contract with Harry Kane unconditionally.

The British media ‘Mirror’ said on the 13th (Korean time), ‘Tottenham’s leadership decided to leave Kane at the club for a long time. Tottenham are not even considering selling Kane.

Kane’s contract with Tottenham runs until the summer of 2024. The point at which Tottenham can sell Kane at the most expensive price is this summer’s transfer market.

Manchester United and Bayern Munich have been openly targeting Kane since last year. Mirror said: ‘Man United are leading the race to sign Kane. Manchester United manager Eric Tenhagh has put Kane on the shortlist.

Coincidentally, Kane also wanted to win. Kane is arguably the best striker in England, but he has not won a single major championship trophy.

Kane, who debuted wearing a Tottenham uniform in 2011, is second in the Premier League and runner-up in the Champions League is the best. Tottenham is included in the ‘Big 6’ within the Premier League and is classified as a relatively strong team, but it is an ambiguous position that is not a championship. The last championship was in 2008, 15 years ago.

This year too, Tottenham were eliminated from the Carabao Cup, Champions League and FA Cup. The odds of winning the Premier League remain ‘only arithmetic’.

Because of this, the observation that Kane would leave for a big club through the summer transfer market was dominant.

Arsenal former Thierry Henry also encouraged the transfer, saying, “If I were Kane, I would leave.”

It is unclear whether Tottenham will be able to keep Kane. 안전놀이터

Mirror said: ‘Tottenham are focusing on renewing Kane’s contract. I am ready to wait until the next season if necessary. Negotiations with Tottenham and Kane’s agent have begun. The discussion has not progressed,” he explained.

It’s actually a gamble from Tottenham’s point of view. If Kane is not sold this summer and even the contract renewal fails, Kane will be released as a free agent in 2024. Tottenham could be forced into a situation where they have to send Kane without receiving a penny of the transfer fee.

Tottenham must either sell Kane expensively in the summer or succeed in renewing the contract regardless of means and methods.

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