Ulsan’s victory, and the challenge for 2 consecutive wins, according to Park Yong-woo, a runner-up nightmare at the training center

The memory was a nightmare for Park Yong-woo (30, Ulsan Hyundai) at Ulsan Sports Complex, where the final game of the 2019 season K-League 1 (Part 1), which was completely defeated by Pohang Steelers 1-4, was played. Even if he lost, if he scored more goals, he could have beaten Jeonbuk Hyundai in all points and won the trophy. In the 42nd minute of the second half, with the score trailing 1-2, Ulsan completely collapsed as goalkeeper Kim Seung-gyu allowed an extra goal to Heo Heo-jun due to a ridiculous mistake.
Kim Seung-kyu’s throw-in mistake remains in the minds of many fans, but Park Yong-woo confessed that he was responsible for it. In an interview with Sports Donga, he said, “It was shocking.” He said, “I wanted to attack quickly and score goals. So I asked (Kim) Seung-gyu for the ball, but (Heo) Yong-jun couldn’t confirm the location. In the end, he lost the ball and conceded.”

On December 9, 2019, before the shock was over, Park Yong-woo enlisted as Sangju Sangmu (currently Gimcheon Sangmu). After his enlistment at Army Training Center, he suffered from nightmares. He said, “Even when I was at the training center, that scene kept appearing in my dreams. That shock lasted a long time,” he said.

Fortunately, military life was a time of healing. Under former manager Kim Tae-wan, he once again showed off his skills as a top-notch defensive midfielder in the K-League. “When I was in Sangmu, there was no pressure. He said, “I enjoyed all of the coach’s ‘soccer of happiness’” and looked back, saying, “The pain was naturally forgotten.”

Park Yong-woo, who grew up a handful in the army, eventually stepped on top of the K-League with Ulsan. He was only runner-up in the 2021 season when he returned to the team, but played a key role in helping Ulsan win the championship in 17 years in the 2022 season. “It was difficult to put into words,” he said. Everyone would have wanted it, but I was really desperate. To be honest, I was afraid when Jeonbuk chased,” he said. “I went on vacation in a bad mood every year, but this break was good. I received a lot of congratulations.” 토토사이트

Park Yong-woo, who watched the development of the team after wearing the Ulsan uniform in 2017, took over as vice-captain for the 2023 season. I have a strong desire not to end my long-awaited rise to the top once and for all. He raised his voice, saying, “When I first moved, Ulsan was not a team that immediately challenged to win,” and “Now, I want to become a team that consistently wins the K-League championship like Jeonbuk.”

The burden on Mercury is not great. Park Yong-woo asked back, “It took 17 years to win, is there anything more difficult than that? The expectation is greater than the pressure to keep. He has tasted the championship, so he knows how good it is,” he said, promising a second consecutive league title.

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