Using Sony goes beyond Conte-Bento… Positive elements of Klins Manho confirmed in his debut

The biggest harvest before his debut is the choice that raised Son Heung-min’s ability to the maximum.

Coach Jurgen Klinsmann made his debut in Korea’s A-match in a friendly match against Colombia held at Ulsan Munsu Stadium on the 24th. The result of the first match was 2-2. Considering that Colombia is a strong player in South America’s tradition and is ranked 17th in the FIFA rankings, which is higher than Korea (25th), this is not a bad result.

Positive factors can be found in the content rather than the game result. The biggest harvest is the great performance of Son Heung-min, the captain and the core of the attack.

Son Heung-min started this day and played full-time, literally performing a ‘crazy performance’. He scored the first goal in the 10th minute of the first half with an accurate left-footed shot taking advantage of an opponent’s pass miss, and shook the net again with a fantastic free kick in the extra time of the first half. It has been 3 years and 5 months since Son Heung-min scored two goals in his A match against Sri Lanka on October 10, 2019.

It wasn’t just scoring goals. His performance itself was astonishing. Breakthrough using explosive speed, which was difficult to see recently, and exciting dribbling came out several times. Colombia’s defense was so threatening that it had to cut off several times due to rough foul play. In fact, it was a game that was difficult to stop unless it was a foul. It was so impressive that I can’t remember when Son Heung-min showed such a destructive appearance in the national team uniform.

It is Son Heung-min’s own skill, but the choice of the command tower was right. Coach Klinsman placed Son Heung-min in the center rather than on the side. In terms of form, he formed a 4-4-2 formation and formed a two-top with Cho Kyu-sung, but Son Heung-min was in fact free to move between the attacking camps as a ‘free roll’.

When Cho Kyu-seong competed with the opposing defenders in the front line, Son Heung-min came down to the second line and received the ball, then quickly turned around and ran several times. Son Heung-min’s power was also doubled because he moved close to midfielders who provide quality passes like Hwang In-beom and Lee Jae-seong. 토토사이트

This season, Son Heung-min’s overall performance has declined significantly. His last season was so good that he was the top scorer in the English Premier League, but this season he has only scored 6 goals in the league. He was also goalless at the last World Cup in Qatar.

In Tottenham, there are many evaluations that there is a problem with Conte’s use method rather than Son Heung-min’s skill. This is because there are many cases where Son Heung-min is used from the back too much by putting it with the overly aggressive sideback Ivan Perisic. Son Heung-min’s unique speed and accurate shooting ability are not being utilized.

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