Wainwright 200 wins? Olson 60 homers? Greinke 3000 strikeouts? Acuña Jr. 40-70 club?

The Major League Baseball (MLB) 2023 regular season is nearing its conclusion.

On April 18, CBS Sports highlighted six milestones that could be reached in the next two weeks.

Adam Wainwright (St. Louis Cardinals) is one win away from 200. Wainwright, who currently has 199 wins, has three starts remaining.

Wainwright, who is retiring after this year, has struggled this season with a 7.95 ERA.

If Wainwright reaches 200 wins, he will become the 122nd pitcher in MLB to reach the 200-win plateau.

Matt Olson (Atlanta Braves) is on pace for 60 home runs this season.

Olson, who currently has 52, has already broken the franchise record for most home runs in a single season.

No player in the National League has hit more than 60 home runs in a single season since 2001. In 2001, Barry Bonds hit 73 home runs and Sammy Sosa hit 64.

Olson needs to hit eight home runs in his remaining 13 games.

Zack Greinke (Kansas City Royals) is chasing 3,000 career strikeouts. In MLB, 19 players have struck out 3,000 batters.

However, Greinke’s chances of reaching the mark are slim, according to CBS. He only has 35 strikeouts in his last 14 games.

He needs 33 more strikeouts to reach 2,967.

Ronald Acuña Jr. (Atlanta) will try to join the 40-70 club.

He is currently in the 30-60 club with 37 home runs and 66 stolen bases.

He needs just three more home runs and four more stolen bases. 토토사이트

Atlanta is trying to reach 107 wins. They are currently 96-53 and need 11 more wins. They need 11 wins in their remaining 13 games.

Atlanta’s franchise record is 106 wins, set in 1998.

The New York Yankees may not be playing in fall ball, but they’re chasing their 31st consecutive winning season. They need 82 wins.

They’re currently at 76-74, needing six more wins in their remaining 12 games. They’ve been on a roll lately, so it shouldn’t be too hard to accomplish.

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