‘What’s your weekly schedule? Is there an interpreter? Players are also curious about the V-League

“Why did you apply for the Korean league?” “Is there an interpreter during practice?”

A time for full-fledged communication between coaches who want to recruit foreign players and players who want to play in the V-League has been prepared. The players tried to appeal themselves as much as possible, and the coaches struggled to introduce the strengths of their teams.

On the 7th (hereinafter Korean time), KOVO held the 2nd day of the 2023 KOVO men’s foreign player tryout in Turkey, Istanbul. The skills of the players were checked through the second practice game in the morning local time. It is evaluated that the condition was generally better than the previous day, perhaps because the body was relaxed.

Of particular interest was the interview between the players and the manager at the lodging. The 7 teams were divided into 2 groups to ask questions to the players and to receive questions from the players.

When asked how he applied for the Korean league, Keita’s name came up. Amado Raye (26, Senegal, 209cm) and Mad Kaid Jansen (24, Denmark, 209cm) announced that they applied for the tryout at Keita’s recommendation.

Raye said, “While playing with Keita, I heard about the Korean league and watched the video.” Jansen said, “I am Keita’s teammate, and I liked the Korean league. I thought I would grow and do well,” he said.

There were other reasons for choosing the V-League. Matei Kok (27, Slovenia, 199cm) said, “I thought it would help me grow because I have good defense and a lot of tough plays.” Arpad Barotti (32, Hungary, 206cm), who played for OK Financial Group, KEPCO, and Hyundai Capital, explained, “I played in Korea for three years, and the Korean professional system was good, so I tried again.”

The directors also poured out various questions. Questions continued, such as being selected for the national team or delaying joining the team due to personal reasons, whether there is a title you want to challenge for, and whether it is difficult to play in the league because of your religion.

As the atmosphere became hard, Hyundai Capital manager Choi Tae-woong rolled up his sleeves. He pointed to the coach of another team he was interviewing with and said, “If you go to that team, you have to hit 1500 times, and if you go to that team, you have to hit 1000 times.” .

A lot of realistic questions came from the players. One player asked earnestly, “The schedule of the Korean league is tight. How is the schedule for a week?” Regarding this, Coach Tae-Woong Choi explained, “Usually, the day after the match, we take a break.” “Young Korean players do some training, but foreign players respect their style.” 토스카지노

There was also a question about whether there was an interpreter during practice. Woori Card coach Shin Young-chul said, “Interpreters help not only during practice but also in daily life. He even drives,” he replied, “helping the players with everything so that they can focus only on training and competition.”

Director Choi Tae-woong said, “I hope that the players here will make volleyball the most popular sport in the world.” also did

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