Will SON Chelsea version work? “It will help us to show the level we expected”

Can Mauricio Pochettino get the best out of Mikhail Mudrikh, who has been described as Chelsea’s Son Heung-min?

Mudrikh is a Ukrainian international flanker born in 2001. He has the versatility to play either left or right and can also play in central midfield depending on the situation.

His versatility, especially with both feet, has earned him the label of the Ukrainian Son Heung-min.

Mourinho joined Chelsea in a £89 million deal, but has been criticized for not living up to expectations.

Chelsea have Pochettino at the helm for the upcoming season. Pochettino knows Son Heung-min better than anyone, so there’s a lot of interest in using him.

Mourinho has been called the Chelsea version of Heung-min because of the similarities. Many are curious about his synergy with Pochettino.

The Daily Star, a British publication, predicted that Mourinho will be deployed on both the left and right flanks.

“Pochettino will use him in the same role that Son Heung-min played at Tottenham,” the publication said.

Rob Pratley, a journalist who is well versed in football affairs, added: “Chelsea have been impressed by Pochettino’s use of Mikhail Mkhitaryan. He has shown faith in him to be an effective goal scorer.”

“Pochettino sees Mourinho as similar to Son Heung-min and Lucas Moura, and believes that deploying him higher up the pitch and delivering the ball quicker 메이저사이트 will go a long way to unlocking his potential.”

“I will have a chat with Moudrikh,” Pochettino said.

“I will see him before the start of pre-season. I really want to see him, I want to get to know him,” he said.

“I want to design the best strategy to help him show the level that Chelsea expected when they signed him,” he added, promising synergy.

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