Women’s Elementary School who finished the preliminary round, final match confirmed

After the preliminary rounds, the girls’ elementary school will enter the final tournament.

The 22nd Korea Basketball Association President’s National Elementary School Basketball Tournament girls’ elementary bracket has been confirmed, which is being held in Gimcheon.

In Group A, Sangyeongcho (3 wins) and Dankwancho (2 wins, 1 loss), Seongnam Sujeongcho (3 wins) and Onyang Dongshincho (2 wins, 1 loss) in Group B, Mancheoncho (2 wins) and Daegu in Group C Wolbaecho (1 win 1 loss), Daeshincho (2 wins) and Sajikcho (1 win 1 loss) in Group D, Coral Cho (2 wins) and Incheon Yeonhakcho (1 win 2 losses) in Group E advanced to the final tournament.

After the match between Coral Reef and Seoul Singilcho, which was the last match of the preliminaries, the bracket lottery was entered. 메이저놀이터

Among the 10 teams, Dankwancho and Sajikcho, Incheon Yeonhakcho and Onyang Daishincho will play one more game.

The final tournament will be held at the Gimcheon Auxiliary Gym until the 23rd game, and the match after the 24th will be held at the Gimcheon Gymnasium.

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